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Mati Ra'anana
The Small Business Development Center in the Sharon

Mati Ra'anana, the small and medium sized business development center, in Ra'anana is a non-profit organization, established by the ISMEA, the JDC, the Ministry of Absorption, the ESRA organization and the Ra'anana municipality. Mati Ra'anana is a professional consulting organization specializing in assisting new entrepreneurs,  small and medium sized businesses and technological startups. Our goal is to help businesses and entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful businesses, by providing a wide range of business planning services to businesses in all industries.

Since our establishment, in 1994, Mati Ra'anana has created a large network of business and industry contacts, and has gained much experience in identifying ideas with significant business potential, becoming experts in providing the right assistance to young businesses, at the right time. Mati Ra'anana provides professional consulting services such as business plan formulation, professional business training, on-going consulting and mentoring and assistance in obtaining the necessary funding to realize the goals set in the business plan. Mati Ra'anana is connected to leading local and international databases which are available to our clientele.

Mati Ra'anana's services are provided at affordable, subsidized prices, thanks to the support Mati Ra'anana receives from public organizations and funds.

Mati Ra'anana provides assistance in a number of fields:

1. Financing and loans – assistance obtaining loans and reaching capital from various sources

2. Consulting and mentoring services

3. Business plan preparation and strategic business planning

4. Training and hands-on business workshops

5. Market research and financial forecast

6. Training in opening and expanding technological startups

7. Business development services


As of 2006, Mati Ra'anana has provided professional consulting services to over 20,000 entrepernuers and businesses, which have raised collectively over 520 million shekel. Mati Ra'anana has been awarded for its excellence 4 times, in the years 1999, 2001, 2003, and 2005.

Mati Ra'anana has gained extensive experience in assisting high tech and startup companies in their early stages of business development. As such, Mati Ra'anana has been chosen as the national center for high-tech development, helping companies and startups from all over the country.

Contact us today to set up a preliminary consultation for your business or business idea!


Mati Ra'anana - מטי רעננה