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Accompanying in Preparing Business Plans

Does your venture need a business plan?
Mati Ra'anana can help you in the process of writing a business plan for yourself or for investors

The best business plans are those written by the entrepreneurs themselves. The writing of a plan by an external party is estimated at thousands to tens of thousands of shekels, and most times the result is that the entrepreneur has only a partial understanding of the plan. It is recommended that the writing will be done by the entrepreneur himself under the guidance of a consultant. In order to realize the plan at significantly reduced costs.

We at Mati Ra'anana will accompany and guide you in preparing a business plan for the various needs of your business, whether it is for the purpose of raising funds and loans, submitting to the Innovation Authority (the former Chief Scientist), submitting to investors or especially for planning the establishment of the business.

The service is personal, professional and focused and its cost is subsidized (see price list).

Over the past 24 years, we have guided and accompanied the writing of more than 6,000 business plans. The plans served the venture's planning process, helped raise credit, funding from investors and from venture capital funds.

We believe that a good business plan is done in close cooperation with the entrepreneur. Therefore, at Mati Ra'anana, we have developed professional formats and processes for formulating, planning and registering a business plan for ventures at the stage of construction / expansion, at reasonable prices (from 1,970 NIS for initial planning) in a short and focused process.

We will be happy to provide you with our best experience in preparing your business plan.

To schedule a meeting or to receive additional information, call us at 09-7602716 extension 1

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