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"My Next Move" - A Career Change Program for People Aged 45+
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17:00 - 19:00

One-day Lecture


27 Ha'haroshet St Ra'anana - Mati Ra'anana

15 ₪


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"My Next Move" is designed to provide an answer to people who are undergoing an employment change and find it difficult to find the next stop in their careers.

The "My Next Move" program will create a range of possibilities for creating a path of employment and future livelihood, through a re-examination of needs and desires, exposure to the tomorrow's employment world, the provision of relevant tools and the creation of possibilities for occupational and personal development.

In recent years, we have witnessed a rapid rate of change in the world in general and in employment in particular.

We hear quite a bit about the term "new world" and we seem to live in a world characterized by "chronic instability"...

The pace of changes is fast,

professions are changing beyond recognition, those we knew disappear,

at the same time, new professions and occupations are being created.


If in the past the focus was on one major career,

Today the trend is to pursue and realize a number of careers, to accumulate skills and with them to move on.

How do you develop careers in a multi-change world?

What will we need to deal successfully with the changes?

Is this a threat or an opportunity for us?

And what will be our identity in the New World?


What Is Your Next Move?....


We believe in the power of direct contact with the community in a number of circles, to make a groundbreaking change that will enable re-integration into the labor market as an employee or self-employed.

Transitions were built out of familiarity with the market, the trends in Israel and abroad and the changes taking place in the world of work

And from meetings with the middle ages (45-55). Learning and studying the current world of employment.

Over the past two years, we have been exposed to the real need to mediate the gap between personal needs and conflicts in the face of global trends.

We have formed the desire to create a program that will help the middle age population in employment change, to create a greenhouse that teaches and grows,

which allows for indecision and difficulty with professional guidance and group support, thinking that this creates change and paved the way for the continuation of the career

The knowledge and experience that we have accumulated during the years of activity in the field, enables us to continue to move in providing solutions in the changing world of work.

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