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Newcomers & Returning Residents

Newcomer? Returning resident?

Come and enjoy the subsidized services of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption and receive business consulting, assistance in preparing a business plan and a loan under easy terms


Newcomer (up to ten years from the date of immigration to Israel) and returning residents (up to two years from the date of return) who are interested in starting a business, can apply for the assistance of Mati Ra'anana with subsidization of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption. Newcomer and returning residents enjoy business consulting and business plan preparation, a unique loan of up to 125,000 NIS under preferential terms, up to 20 hours of business accompaniment with symbolic deductible, and selected trainings at subsidized rates.

Receipt of the service is for newcomer / returning resident with certificate, after checking eligibility with the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption and subject to the project's designated budget.

To start the process and examine eligibility contact us

by phone 09-7602716 extension 1 | or by email:

הכנת תוכנית עסקית
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