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eBay Workshop
Course Information






18:00 - 21:00

5 Classes of 4 Academic Hours (20 Academic Hours Total)


27 Ha'haroshet St Ra'anana - Mati Ra'anana

980 ₪


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Course for Trading on eBay


Acquiring comprehensive knowledge of how to create a store and start trading and selling on eBay, how to locate products and niches suitable for eBay trading, the practice of setting up and promoting the store in a variety of advanced tools and channels, and training to independently manage the store (as a main business or side business) including pricing methods, customer care, logistics, and vendor work.

Main Topics:

  1. Learn about the PAYPAL platform and billing system

  2. Opening a store / sales page and uploading products for sale

  3. Management of the logistics process

  4. Planning an appropriate marketing strategy for eBay

Target audience: Entrepreneurs and business owners who are interested in selling in the international market and to create for themselves an active and dynamic income channel with unlimited potential.

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