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Our Courses:

"Initiate Your Own Business" Workshop

Date: 10/25/2020


​"Initiate Your Own Business" Workshop ​ The workshop is a practical toolbox of vital and up-to-date knowledge in aspects relevant to the...

Workshop for Starting & Managing a Business Facebook Page

Date: 7/29/2020


​A One-day Workshop for Setting Up a Facebook Business Page ​ Objectives: Providing the knowledge and tools for the establishment and ongoing...

Beginners Instagram Workshop

Date: 7/22/2020


​One-day Instagram Workshop for Business Owners Objectives: Increasing the number of business followers and customers. ​ Included topics: ...

Course for Starting & Managing Preschool Frameworks

Date: 6/30/2019


​Course for Setting-up & Managing Preschool Frameworks (nursery, kindergarten, etc...) ​ Objectives: Provideing participants with tools to open,...

Advanced Instagram Workshop


​Advanced Instagram Workshop for Businesses ​ Objectives: Practical guidance for the construction and independent management of an advertising...

ETSY Workshop


​Workshop for Trading on ETSY for Designers, Artists and Jewelers Objectives: The workshop will provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of...

"Think Like an Entrepreneur" Workshop


​"Think Like an Entrepreneur" Workshop ​ The workshop develops entrepreneurial thinking, identifying opportunities and developing ideas for...

Workshop for Paid Advertising on Facebook


​Workshop for Paid Marketing on Facebook Objectives: Providing tools for advanced marketing and for building and managing a sponsored campaign...

Pinterest Workshop


​Pinterest is the most powerful search engine in the life style field. ​ A one-day practical workshop suitable for online store owners in...

Entrepreneurship Workshop for Cookers & Foodies

Date: 9/2/2020


​Entrepreneurship Workshop for Cookers & Foodies ​ Can you cook? Come and make money from a home venture * No previous experience required *...

Date: 7/29/2020


Business Management Skills Improvement Course (for Business Owners)

Date: 7/16/2020


​Business Management Skills Improvement Workshop (for Business Owners) Objectives: Learning tools for examining, controlling and improving...

Amazon Workshop


​A comprehensive workshop for entrepreneurs, even without prior experience, which teaches how to generate income through trading on the Amazon...

eBay Workshop


​Course for Trading on eBay ​ Objectives: Acquiring comprehensive knowledge of how to create a store and start trading and selling on eBay, how...

Course for Starting an Import Business


​Course for Establishing a Small Independent Imports Business ​ Objectives: Train participants to plan and establish a small independent imports...

Course for Starting & Managing a Food Business


​Course for the Rstablishment and Management of Food Businesses. (Restaurants, Pubs, Cafe...) ​ Objectives: Providing knowledge, highlights and...

Crowdfunding Workshop


​Crowdfunding Workshop You too can raise funds for an idea or goal through crowdfunding platforms ​ Objectives: Crowdfunding is a way of...

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