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Course for Starting & Managing Preschool Frameworks
Course Information







12:00 - 14:00

15 Classes of 4 Academic Hours (60 Academic Hours Total)


27 Ha'haroshet St Ra'anana - Mati Ra'anana

2,460 ₪


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Course for Setting-up & Managing Preschool Frameworks (nursery, kindergarten, etc...)


Provideing participants with tools to open, manage and market their own nurserys or kindergartens, receive pedagogical and educational tools for the treatment of preschoolers, and practical tools for starting the business.

Among the subjects:

  1. First steps in setting up a preschool framework.

  2. Developmental psychology in early childhood.

  3. Bureaucracy and risk management in setting up a preschool framework.

  4. Legal Aspects - Understanding the requirements of the law.

  5. How to market your business.

  6. Organization of the educational environment and creative thinking.

  7. MDA First Aid Course.

  8. Nutrition in Preschool.

  9. Preparing a business plan for preschool framework.

  10. Building content for activities for preschool framework.

  11. Managing money and controlling expenses.

The course is not a certification course and is not recognized by any authority. The certificate indicates compliance with the course conditions according to the syllabus only!

Target audience: Entrepreneurs who wish to establish a nursery for ages 0-3, managers of private frameworks for preschoolers and those engaged in the field of salaried employees.

Register soon, the number of participants is limited!

Download Syllabus
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