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סדנא להתמודדות עסקית בתנאי משבר ואי ודאות



בסדנה נלמד איך :
+ לנתח משברים ולנהל סיכונים .
+ לקבל החלטות נכונות תחת לחץ .
+ לנתח מגמות...

חזרת עסק בתחום המזון לפעילות בתקופות הקורונה



סדנה בנושא חזרת עסקי המזון לפעילות לאחר משבר הקורונה

מטרת הסדנא : הקניית ידע, דגשים וכלים...

סדנת "יוזמים עסק משלך"



​סדנת "יוזמים עסק משלך" ​ הסדנא מהווה ארגז כלים פרקטי של ידע חיוני ועדכני בהיבטים הרלוונטיים...

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At Mati we will promote your business idea and help you start a business or start-up venture

We at Mati will direct you to develop and promote business with a variety of professional tools at subsidized and convenient prices. We will help examine the business feasibility of the idea, prepare an operational business plan with you, and examine funding options for its establishment. We are committed to professional, fast and purposeful service tailored to your needs.

  • Consultation with Mati experts for entrepreneurship at a subsidized price of 153 NIS for an introductory meeting

  • Accompanying planning and preparing a business plan in a quick process starting from 1,970 NIS

  • Submission of applications for credit and business fundings from state-guaranteed funds and others according to subsidized Mati tariff

  • Preparation of applications for the Chief Scientist Grants

Thousands of entrepreneurs were assisted by Mati's services and managed to establish new businesses, raise fundings and even investors.

Our service is aimed at both traditional and start-up entrepreneurs.

Preparing a Business Plan

Accompanying for planning and preparing a business plan in a quick process starting from 1,970 NIS

Newcomers & Returning Residents

Subsidized services of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption for business consulting, assistance in preparing a business plan and a loan under favorable conditions

Business Consulting

Consultation with an expert for entrepreneurship at a subsidized price of 153 NIS per meeting

Chief Scientist Grants

Accompanying and preparing applications for grants from the Chief Scientist (Innovation Authority) - more than 20 years of experience

Entrepreneurship and Management Courses

We offer a variety of courses to enable you to develop and promote the idea of starting a business and managing it professionally

Business Funding / Business Idea

Submission of credit applications and business fundings to state-guaranteed funds for existing businesses and entrepreneurs at the stage of starting a business

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